Re: RTTY RU Worked Before Problem - Fault Found

Jim Cooper

On 15 Jan 2022 at 10:10, HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

Without any testing done yet, I have
located the cause of the
inconsistent B4 reporting. It is due
to the mode logged as "DG" rather than
"FT4". JTAlert would never find FT4
worked B4 QSOs which are logged as
"DG". That is not a mode JTAlert is
looking for. I note that you have a
mixture of "FT4" and "DG" logged for
the contest.
FYI, I can note for you that the RU contest
Cabrillo file submission wants RY for RTTY
contacts and DG for all other digital contacts.

2.4 In the Cabrillo formatted log, RTTY contacts use RY and
all other digital modes use the DG
mode abbreviations.

I don't know if these get put into the ADIF log file,
but that's basically where the DG comes from.


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