Re: Add option to only Read HRD Database #HRD

Ferry PD9FER

Yes. The callsign lookup in HRD Logbook runs when the QSO goes into HRD Logbook using the UDP "QSO Forwarding" method.

The callsign lookup does not function with the "TCP logging" that was put in-place "long before the QSO Forwarding interface."

Because of this, HRD users who wish to use the data in their log to populate lookup information (previous Comments; more detailed location information that may be in their logs in previous QSOs with that station) are unable to do so using the "TCP logging" method "from long ago."

We realize that there's not much information on this TCP logging method. Now that most applications support the UDP (QSO Forwarding) method, it's likely that the TCP logging method will be depreciated in time.

We would like to prepare for this now by asking if there's a way that JTAlert can connect to the log to load the data necessary to build the B4 and "wanted" items... but use the UDP QSO Forwarding method for sending QSOs to the log.

As Mike (WA9PIE) tells me, "We fully embrace JTAlert. We don't want anything to break in JTAlert as we move HRD forward." With that in mind, is there a solution possible?



Ferry PD9FER

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