Re: RTTY RU Worked Before Problem

Jeff Young


Yes. I receive a confirmation from JTAert that the contest was logged and the logged QSO shows up immediately in the N3FJP log on my second screen. 

Also, there was no restart of JTAlert during the contest. What would happen if the software is restarted?

Jeff KB3HF 

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Date: 1/13/22 3:00 PM (GMT-06:00)
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On 13/01/2022 9:49 am, Jeff Young wrote:

My problem was the Worked Before (B4) function did not find/show contacts worked before in the contest if I started on 20m for instance, then changed bands to 40m for a while and then later changed back to the 20m band. B4 worked on the initial start of the both 20m and 40m bands, but when I returned to 20m from 40m a later point, the B4 function did not find/show B4 decoded stations from the first session in the 20m band resulting in me working dupes.


The actual logging of a contact to the N3FJP software worked fine but for some reason, it appears that JTAlert was not reading the entire database log for same band in different sessions during the contest.

Was there a JTAlert restart between your initial 20m activity and when you went back to 20m after working other bands?

Did JTAlert confirm that the QSO was correctly logged? If you had confirmations turned off, it may be a case of JTAlert not reading the correct log file and you never seeing the warning.

What you describe suggests to me that you don't have the correct logfile selected in the manual configuration, A JTAlert logging confirmation success or failure popup will answer that question for me.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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