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On 13/01/2022 7:13 pm, Ferry PD9FER via wrote:
I want to use the callsign lookup logic in HRD.
The method that JTAlert uses bypasses it.
So I don't get the benefit of the additional sources available to me in HRD.

Are you saying that HRDLogbook behaves differently depending on which mechanism is used to log QSOs?

What is different about the QSO forwarding logging and the TCP logging, what is HRD Logbook doing or not doing depending on how the QSO entered the logbook? Please explain the difference. Perhaps there is a command available on the HRDLogbook TCP logging api that could bn set in JTAlert to allow for what you want to see happen, see my later comments about lack of api documentation

JTAlert uses the TCP logging interface for logging which was introduced by HRD V6.3 long before the QSO forwarding interface. There are users with older HRD V6 installations that cannot use the QSO forwarding method as it is not available in their version. I don't recall which version of HRD V6 introduced the QSO forwarding mechanism. I do know, the TCP interface that JTAlert uses still works so I will be keeping that option for HRD Logbook logging.

Note: JTAlert does not write direct to the HRD log file, all writing to the log file is done by HRDLogbook itself in response to the logging instruction sent to its TCP interface, except for version earlier than V 6.3 which had no interface at all. I don't know the exact version number when that was added as all past documentation on the logging API along with associated user messages
have been purged from the HRD forums. I no longer have access to any HRD documentation on its logging interface and its requirements so will likely not be changing the JTAlert -> HRD logging over TCPIP as it currently is working.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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