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On 12/01/2022 1:25 pm, Bill Ahillen wrote:
CQ Marathon works well for me with the exception of stations that I have worked in the past from last year and before dont trigger an alert. If a station from the same entity is decoded on FT8 it alerts fine.
I suspect I need to delete a working log or change a parameter setting. I have just not figured it out. 
The previously worked station, say from last year is greyed out but no alert even if I have not worked that entity this year.
I didn't want to just start deleting logfiles. I do delete the ALL.TXT file every few weeks to prevent an error message. 
I run 4 instances of wsjt-x and 4 JTAlert instances with a Flex 6600 JTAleret version 2.50.9  wsjt-x ver 2.4.0 c19d62 Windows 10 
Bill Ahillen W9JJB

You need to set the Date for the B4 checks to the start of this year. In the Settings window, "Alerts -> Worked B4" section.


You need to run the "Rebuild Alert Database" operation at least once this year in order for the Alert database to be reset for the Marathon and tossing out entity confirmations for past years.


Since the Marathon doesn't require QSL confirmations you may want to consider enabling the "Auto clear triggered ..." option under the "Alerts -> Wanted CQ Marathon" section of the Settings window.. This option makes it such that you don't need to run the Rebuild on a regular basis. But you still need to run the Rebuild at least once this year however so that entities logged so far this year are considered.


de Laurie VK3AMA

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