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Hello Laurie

I am a big fan of JTAlert for many reasons but two of the big reasons are the way your program sets out the incoming data in box format - rather than as a list as we see with dxcluster programs and gridtracker for example. I also like the simple control I have over the data that is output in terms of Awards and the ability to scan my logbook etc.

Have you ever given consideration to creating an alert program in the same format as JTAlert but for dxcluster data rather than incoming digital data. I would guess (maybe incorrectly) that the concept of JTAlert would not require that much change as we are simply substituting a different sourceĀ  of incoming data. I have tried most of the dxcluster programs around, both stand alone and within logbook programs and I always come away thinking I wish they would work in the same way as JTAlert. I guess it is congrats to your program design skills more than anything else. Anyways, something for your consideration, I am guessing such a program could / would be very popular as I am sure I am not the only dxer that feels this way.

If there is a dxcluster program out there that presents in the same way as JTAlert, that I may have missed I would also be keen to hear about it.

Paul - vk4ma

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