Mike - K4PI

I have several computers with ver 2.50.9.  They are work great except for one computer had a minor issue.  It will not show any thing for Decodes DX.  I can see All Decodes and in sub panel 1 I put Decodes DX  and sub panel 2 Decodes Local.   All Decodes and Decodes local in Sub Panel 2 work fine.  Never any spots in Sub Panel 1 Decode DX like the other two computers do.  I can put other selections in Sub Panel 1 and they work ie I put Distant Decodes in Sub Panel 1 and it works fine with me setting distance to 3000 KM .  Only thing that doesn't work is Decodes DX which is normally the only panel I watch.  Any thoughts on this?  Am I missing a setting somewhere?

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