locked Re: MariaDB SQL Decode Issue

Roger- AC6BW

The correct procedure is to install HRD on the new machine, and then go through the exact same procedure that you did on the first machine to convert to a Maria DB. This involves an install of the My SQL ODBC connector and the Maria database program.
Unfortunately, there is no way to directly copy over a Maria DB configuration of HRD onto a new machine. You have to go through all of the conversion steps.
Once that is done, you can import the XML backup of your log file into HRD on the new machine.

What do you mean by "the Maria DB will not decode"?

This is probably not a JTAlert issue, but rather a bad install of HRD or the My SQL ODBC or Maria DB, on the 2nd machine.

The procedure for the conversion to Maria DB can be found here:
You have to be careful to use the 32-bit MySQL ODBC, even if you have a 64 bit OS.
Use the 64 bit version of Maria DB.
I would uninstall HRD on the new machine, and start over.

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