locked Lookup (Not responding)

Mike Steiner

I have been having issues ever since I install everything on a new computer.


I have been able to figure out that something is going wrong when JTAlert when looks up are made….


I’m monitoring a band, the callsigns window fills up of decoded callsigns, ever thing is good. However when I select a call to answer is when the problem starts, JTAlert stops responding. Nothing in the main or callsigns window for a few minutes (3-4 minutes). JTDX continues to work normally and the qso is made. After the 2-3 minutes JTAlert catches up and the QSO is logged into HRD.


I;m using QRZ.com and there is no last error message. Also the last lookup date, is current. And my subscription is not expired.



Mike K7QDX

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