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Michael Black

Why are you not using the Automatic configuration?  That ensures you use the same database.  What I don't know (and Laurie can clarify) is if you change logs in ACLog will JTAlert automatically follow?

Also...check JTAlert's Help/WSJT-X UDP Setup and use for the UDP Server.  You can then turn on "Listen for WSJT-X" too.

Mike W9MDB

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Here are the in my N3FJP RU, WSJT-x & JTAlert settings:


I am at a loss as to why the B43 doesn’t work.




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I get a message from WSJT-X to log a contact after RR73. I guess that means l am logging from WSJT-X

 My comment about bands is if I go from 20m  to 40m  and go back to 20m, B4 info from earlier 20m contacts are gone.



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I am running N3FJP RTTY Roundup V3.9, WSJT-X Ver 2.3.1, JTAlert Ver 2.50.9 and found that when I switched bands during the contest, I lost the B4 information in JTALart call signs screen. It seems that the only B4 contacts indicated were the one's that I worked during that current session on the band. Previous contacts on the same band before were lost. All logging to the N3FJP RU software and rig controls worked fine but I can't figure out what I set up incorrectly for the RU. When I run ACLog normally, I have not noticed the loss of B4 data. Need to find out why this happened during RU because it caused me to run a lot of dupes. Thanks.

JTAlert B4 checks are done against your log and by default are band dependent. Changing band to a previously unworked band will not show the B4 for callsigns previously worked on another band.

Are you using JTAlert to log the QSOs?\

de Laurie VK3AMA

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