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Jim - N4ST


All of my JT9-1 contacts are stored as JT9-1 in HRD and they upload to LoTW just fine (and many of them are confirmed via LoTW).
LoTW fixed the problem with JT9-1 a few months back. Make sure you have downloaded and installed Trusted TQSL version 1.14.1 (or later) from the LoTW web site.

Jim - N4ST

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Maybe I am missing something
When I log my JT9 contacts they get stored on my HRD log as JT9-1 Mode.
LOTW does not accept those contacts when I try to upload.
How does one upload these contacts to LOTW.


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Hi George,****

Have you received a confirmation QSL via LOTW and/or eQSL for the
contact? The B4 is for "worked", but the scan log and update is looking
for confirmations.****


-Bill, W2KKJ****

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I just worked a station in Bulgaria on JT65, hit the log button and logged
it successfully. The worked B4 works as expected to show I worked the
station but when I go to Wanted DXCC for 15 meters By Individual mode (JT9,
JT65) Bulgaria is still in the Wanted list.

I did a scan Log and Update and also shut down JTAlert-X and WSJT-X and
restarted but no change. I inspected the log file with note pad and the
contact is in both logs as expected.

maybe I am not cler on the concept or have something set incorrectly but
it seems the DX entity should no longer be in the wanted list once I worked

Any ideas?



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