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Tom NS8K

I've recently switch logging programs and my old logging program did a QRZ lookup when a contact was logged and I don't believe the new logger does that so I am now using JTAlert to do QRZ lookups.  I have a few questions about various logging options but will take them one at a time.

My question involves the Logging Option "Apply standard format to all logged Grids (eg AA99aa)".  I do not have this option checked.  It seems if a 4 character grid is in the Grid field of WSJT-X's logging popup window, what is passed to the logging program is a 6 character grid (eg AA99aa) from the lookup if the first 4 characters (in this case AA99) agree with the first 4 characters returned from QRZ or if the DX Grid field in WSJT-X is left blank.  If the first 4 characters do not agree, then the 4 characters that came from the exchange (or were keyed in manually) are passed to the logging program.  If I check the box to select this option, I see the same behavior.

This option may be somewhat recently added because there is no description of it in the Help text.  With this box unchecked, should a grid from the WSJT-X Logging popup Grid field just pass unchanged to the logging program regardless of match with the QRZ lookup (unless the field is blank in which case perhaps use the retrieved Grid)?

I did a few more tests with these results for a call in EN74cq
Grid from WSJT-X      Grid passed to logger from lookup
EN74                           EN74cq
EN                               EN74cq
EM74                           EM74
EM                               EM00aa

I don't know how a 2 character grid should be handled and maybe it is an invalid test but what happened when it agreed is quite a bit different than when it did not agree.

WSJT-X Ver 2.5.2  JTAlert  Ver 2.50.9


Tom - NS8K

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