locked Re: Spotting on Wrong Band

RIchard Thorne

Thanks Bill,

Makes perfect sense.

Rich - N5ZC

On 12/7/2021 6:33 PM, Bill Barrett wrote:
Ron & Robie-
Some ops are not using CAT control so the WSJT-X could be on a different band than the radio band.
I see this a lot on 6M.
There are software traps in Hamspots to catch this and stop receiving posts from those stations.
Not sure if PSKReporter has this feature.
Hope this helps.
Bill W2PKY
On Tue, Dec 7, 2021 at 7:08 PM Robie - AJ4F <ruler55@gmail.com <mailto:ruler55@gmail.com>> wrote:
This happens to me routinely.  There was a post about the cause some
weeks ago. I’m sure someone will revive it.
Robie AJ4F

> On Dec 7, 2021, at 17:55, RIchard Thorne <rthorne@rthorne.net
<mailto:rthorne@rthorne.net>> wrote:
> I may have missed a thread on this.
> I'm working guys on 80m FT8.  I've been spotted on 40m and 160m,
as well as the correct band of 80m.
> I'm on 3.573 and have been spotted on 1.840, 3.573 and 7.074.
> Any idea why other stations would be spotting me on the wrong band?
> Rich - N5ZC

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