locked Worked B4 stations not being highlighted on WSJTX.


I had Worked B4 performing perfectly fine for a long time, but now for some reason, no matter what I try, it just won't highlight them. I've tried every setting I can think of, but no joy. My radios are both correctly configured, (Icom 756 PRO 3 and Icom 7300). I have tried setting up the HRD QSO Forwarding with UDP Send, and UDP Receive enabled, as both and each separately without success.

I am running the latest versions of JT Alert, Ham Radio Deluxe, and WSJTX.

I have contacted HRD support, but since this is third party software, they can't resolve the issue, although they have really tried to help.  I THINK it may be related to the "unknown band, unknown mode" message on the top of the JT Alert banner (see attached). I've attached screen shots of all the relevant info I can think of. If any other info is needed please let me know. 

I'm a 75 year old disabled Nam veteran, my brain is starting to get a bit fuzzy, and this issue has me completely frustrated. If anyone can help I will greatly appreciate it. It would be most helpful if maybe a screenshot or two illustrating the correct settings or changes necessary as I am not at all computer literate.

Please help if you can, If I don't get this fixed pretty soon, they will be coming to take me away!
South Texas

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