Locked Re: [Ham-Apps] New - JTAlert 2.4.3 available - Fixes JTMacros auto-start

Ed Wilson


With this new version, do we have to do a log scan to pick-up the JT65 calls that were not recorded (as worked B4) under WSJT-X?

If so, is it normal that I lose all of my wanted state information after a log scan and need to re-enter it manually; this was the case for the last upgrade that required a log scan.
Ed, K0KC

From: "Laurie, VK3AMA"
To: Ham-Apps@...
Sent: Monday, July 29, 2013 4:01 AM
Subject: [Ham-Apps] New - JTAlert 2.4.3 available - Fixes JTMacros auto-start

JTAlert 2.4.3 is available for download.

This release fixes the defect introduced in 2.4.2 where JTMacros when set to auto-start would always start in
"wsjtx" mode resulting in missing macros and non-docking when started for JT65-HF

Visit the Ham-Apps.com web page for the direct download link.

This release has been run through two online scanners. Results can be viewed using the links below.

virusscan.jotti.org :
100% pass against 22 engines. Results

virustotal.com : 100% pass against 46 engines. Results

de Laurie VK3AMA

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