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On 27/11/2021 3:37 am, Jim N6VH wrote:
There was a defect in Log4OM 2.17 (and possibly earlier). When a QSO was confirmed by LOTW, and the state was WV, Log4OM changed the state to VA. This has been corrected in Log4OMĀ  2.18, so it would be helpful to do the upgrade. Once you do that, you can either:

1. Go through your log and change each incorrect state to WV. One way to do this is to use a filter in Log4OM QSO Manager. Filter for "State EQUAL VA" and "Cnty LIKE_STARTING_WITH WV. This should show all the WV QSOs that were confirmed by LOTW, but the state was changed to "VA" Then, still in the QSO Manager, select all of those QSOs. Since the QSOs listed should all be the ones with an incorrect state, click Select/deselect near the lower left of the QSO Manager. Then, justĀ  go to Single Field Update. In the "Field to update" box, select "State". In "New value", enter "WV". Then click "Update". That should do the trick.

2. The other method, and less complicated, is to use the Log4OM QSL Manager. Once set to LOTW, and you are in the "Download confirmations" screen, click "Date range". Set the "QSO from" date to the earliest date you need. Set the "QSO to" date to the latest date you need - even using the current date will be fine. The do the download. This should change every incorrect state to the correct one. You might want to check a few QSOs, just to be certain.

After doing either "1" or "2", do a "Rebuild Alert Database" in JTAlert. Everything should work correctly now.

Hope this helps.


Jim N6VH
Thanks Jim!

Good to see that the Log4OM team finally confirmed the defect within their software, it has taken a while. This WV change to VA for LoTW confirmed QSOs was reported many months ago.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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