locked JTAlert has stopped remembering logging s\ware, docking posn etc

geoff wiggins

Hi group.

I went to use JTAlert today and find that NO LOG is shown in the tool bar along side [20m,FT8 NO LOG,#1]. Also cannot dock the window any more, always defaults to independent position.

I select LOG4OM2, select sqlite file etc etc, save then ok. JTAlert doesn't remember these settings.

My locator, ITU zone, CQ zone and locator are also no longer remembered.

I thought this might have been an issue with version 2.50.8 but doesn't appear to be so since I've gone back to version .7 and the same errors occur.

Apart from completely uninstalling every file and starting again, any ideas please?

Could this be something to do with Win 11? I doubt it but then........

73 Geoff.

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