JT Alert 2.50.0 - Win 10 - Call signs window blank

Joseph Hurd

Win 10 Home running WSJT-X: v2.40.0 C19d62 & JT Alert:

Windows Desktop Runtime: 5.0.12

Windows .Net version: 4.8.4048.0

All services are initialized - see attachment.

WSJT-X is running, receiving & decoding calls.

JT Alert is running.  

The "Decodes" window opens when starting JT Alert, is present, opens with prior call details, doesn't update, after I clear it, it stays blank [no data].

The "Call Signs # "window opens when starting JT Alert, is present, stays blank [no data] and is set to "all decodes".

I have reviewed the help section "Tutorials -> ATNO Visual Alert" topic but found no relevant info there.

Help section of JT Alert mentions to look for [on WSJT-X] and set "WSJT-X UDP multicast on loopback menu" but there is no option on that page of the set up menu. Help also shows UDP server should be: but mine is set be default to There is no "Outgoing interfaces" area either.

Edit: I did try disabling Windows Defender with no resolution. No other AV software on this PC.

I am out of ideas. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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