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chas cartmel

I use my shack computer for all my main software, MS Office with Word, MS Outlook, Excel etc., Video editing, Adobe CS4 suite, many large multiplayer games (one over 1.6 Gb). Software writing tools (IDE) and many more utilities. In total about 3 Tb over 4 SSDs total 5 Tb space
I also have an excellent Anti-Virus and Firewall software.

NEVER had an issue, all runs without issue. The main Ham programs are WSJT-X, JTAlert-X, Ham Radio Deluxe (the free one) with DM780 and logbook. Also I have specialist software for net management written myself.

All this connected on a private network to two other computers via Ethernet as well as Network Attached Storage.

Virus checks are done Live as well as a full system check on a weekly basis. I just don’t run anything without checking first or open dodgy emails. These get trapped by AV software anyhow.

73 Charlie


Stay safe out there




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an in-place OS upgrade on a computer that's older than 3 years old is a complete waste of time and effort

Bravo! I am glad somebody finally said this.

I would also add - don't try to use the shack computer for anything else. You could buy four new computers for the price of a good rig these days. Nowadays the computer has far more to do with making a contact than the rig.

Get a good time sync app, then dedicate it to WSJTX, JTAlert and your logger only. Don't use it to check email or even visit web sites, except to update the apps - as soon as you do you are opening yourself up to trouble, and you are more likely to lose your sound device settings, among other things.

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