locked Re: Windows 11

Captain Fantastic

Without much trouble at all, you can find threads where someone will be complaining about any topic you want to search for. People tend to be more vocal when things do go well... vs when things do.

While most hams enjoy tinkering with things until they can "make it work," doing an in-place OS upgrade on a computer that's older than 3 years old is a complete waste of time and effort.

What's your time worth to you? Would you want to spend time on something that needs replacing anyway?

For me... there's some good DX out there and I want to go work it. I'm buying a new computer. I'll leave my existing computer running my station while I install my software on the new computer. Once I get the new computer where I want it, I'll stick the old one in the close for 90. If I don't get it out for 90 days, it goes to the junk. 

And use something like OneDrive, Dropbox... Google Drive... whatever so you don't have to endure the pain of copying your files over.

73 de Seth, KC9TLG

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