Re: 4C4C

Captain Fantastic

It's not the ARRL who assigns prefixes though. It's the ITU.

The ITU prefix ranges are found here:

Then...the ITU doesn't assign "sub" prefix ranges to DXCC countries, as the ITU isn't based off DXCC (these prefixes apply to more than ham radio).

As for 4C4C coming up as "Revillagigedo", that would be correct, based on how Mexico has assigned "4C" traditionally.


The software we're using will never be 100% accurate.

Using the example of "K5K". That "prefix" is in the range assigned to the United States. But... one day it's a DXpedition on Kingman Reef. Another day, it's used by a group called "Hurricane Harvey and Kingwood Texas."

And Russian prefixes are particularly confusing.

So I'm comfortable that the software we use is 95% accurate. Things like "4C4C" (or "K5K") are things we'll just sort out ourselves as we go along.

Seth, KC9TLG

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