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Hi Bob,

I was a software developer, but not a windows application developer.  I have had to migrate to updated Windows operating systems and/or new computers or laptops.  

Michael Black is correct.  Moving apps from Win 10 to Win 11 may not be an easy task.  You may not be able to just reinstall the application in Win 11.  So you will have to rely on the developers to create a migration path from Win 10 to Win 11 for software that is not compatible.  

The problem is there are many apps that use pieces of software that may be deprecated in the new OS.  There are always quirks with the new OS that can cause other problems.  Usually the new release needs a little bit of time (a few minor releases) to settle down.

I do not know how old your laptop is nor do I know what you mean it is dying of a slow death.

I have extended the life of a computer/laptop by upgrading the RAM memory to the maximum that it can hold.  What the manufacturer often states in their specs as the maximum is not always true.  You will have to check with the memory manufacturer.  

If your laptop has a HDD (Hard Disk Drive - spinning disk) you may be able to switch it to a SSD (Solid State Drive).  If your drive is a SSD stick these can be upgraded too.  In both cases you can just clone the smaller drive to the larger drive.

In both cases, you should check the maximum speed it can handle before you select your upgrades.

By default almost all pre-built computers/laptops come with the minimum amount of RAM that they get away with but still allow you to add a few applications.  HDD is selected by price point.

I would recommend that you try to find a friend or someone local who you trust to help you make the upgrade or do the migration.


On Wed, Nov 24, 2021 at 5:17 PM Michael Black via groups.io <mdblack98=yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:
In my opinion it's not "easy" at all.  Most programs are not designed to transfer easily.  I know JTAlert tells you how in the Help.

Best thing to do is take pictures of all the settings in all your programs and just re-do them on a new computer/installation.

Mike W9MDB

On Wednesday, November 24, 2021, 02:40:55 PM CST, Bob Frostholm <bob@...> wrote:

Hello Brain Trusts

My HP Laptop is dying a slow death.

New machines come with Win 11.

I've read many threads with complaints and fixes... too many to have
absorbed all the knowledge.

Looking initially for an answer to a simple question.

Is it safe for me, a non computer savvy person, to make this migration  
e.g. programs like  N1MM, WSJTX, JTALERT, DX Labs, transition easily to
the new OS or  should I wait for WIN 11 updates in the next year or
so...or until the final spark of life leaves my current machine?





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