locked Re: gmail alerts stopped working when Google forced on two-factor authentication on Nov 9, 2021


On 22/11/2021 15:06, Brian wrote:
FYI when Google forced TFA on for free accounts on Nov 9, my email alerts stopped working (using swithmail).

I did find I could go in to Google account settings and turn two-factor back off, and alerts started working again.

I even tried signing in on that PC with a browser with TFA and made sure remember this device was checked, but I think that is just a browser cookie and did not work for swithmail.

Anyone else have this issue, and anyone know how to manage a TFA sign-in from the command line (alert.bat) with swithmail?


Brian N3OC

TFA on Google accounts was not enforced, just recommended with a nag message.

With TFA enabled, for external applications that do not use the "Login with Google" facility, you must set up an "App password" for the host and application pair that you wish to authenticate for access to Google Mail. That 16 character password that is generated can then be used for authentication on the smtp.gmail.com servers with your gmail account id instead of the Google account password you used before enabling TFA.

Note that this also avoids the need to enable "less secure access" in your Google account.


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