locked Re: JTAlert QSL.COM XML Data Upload #FT8

Dave Garber

my mistake   when you get the key number, copy and paste into webservices/online logs

webservices/xml is under online xml callbooks
Dave Garber

On Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 7:39 AM Dave ve3wej <ve3wej@...> wrote:
assuming you meant qrz.com, not qsl.com they should have issued a key.  not sure where it goes in jtalert.  I thought jtalert only looked up calls, not upload.  
check qrz.com for a key, under the logging tab

Dave Garber

On Mon, Nov 22, 2021 at 7:06 AM A. Mark Gillespie (VK3BU) <andrewgillespie06@...> wrote:

Today I paid for a one year subscription to QSL.COM and set up JTAlert to upload data to QSL.Com.
I was wondering how long it usually takes for a subscription to get activated at QSL.COM’s end because QSL.COM hasn’t been updated by JTAlert this evening whilst I’ve been making contacts and confirming the QSO’s in WSJT-X.  I checked Norton and Malwarebytes but before I dig any deeper I figured that I had better check as it may take 24 hours or so after payment for the XML service to activate. I just don’t know.
Mark VK3BU

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