locked Re: Nothing Works

Dave Garber

how many come ports do you have

n3fjp using a port? via flrig? not sure why, and what is left for wsjtx    they cant share unless you use something to create virtual ports.

I used lbp2 bridge for the actual com port on the radio, then told n3fjp and wsjtx to each use one I created.

not sure what flrig is being used for here

Dave Garber

On Fri, Nov 19, 2021 at 7:24 PM Dave Alexander <dave.alexander1947@...> wrote:
I just installed a TCXO in my TS-480. It works fine. It is right or frequency now. I tried to run FT8 on my ham laptop but apparently something has happened to it. My N3FJP log works and my FLRIG works but not at the same time. My WSJT-X won't find the rig either. Can someone please help me?

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