locked Grid not passed correctly from WSJTX-> JTA > DXK #FT8

Rich - K1HTV

In the past, when I completed an FT8 QSO with a /MM maritime mobile station in a new water grid, the grid in the WSJT-X "DX Grid" field was entered in the llog box which opened after the 73 message was received. The grid along with the rest of the QSO data was passed through JTAlert to DX Keeper and logged. However, I have noticed that after a QSO is logged, the Grid logged in DX Keeper for that QSO is a grid from an older QSO. I can't seem to find any option or checkbox in either WSJT-X, JT Alert or DX Keeper which might be related to correcting this problem.
I wrote to DX Lab Suite and Dave, AA6YQ suggested doing some diagnostics. I sent him the error log file with the results. It indicated that the incorrect grid was being sent to DX Keeper and not the grid that was in the WSJT-X log box. I checked the wsjtx.log file and it had the correct grid that was in the WSJT-X log box which came up after the QSO.
If I understand it correctly, the QSO data is passed from WSJT-X through JT Alert to the DX Keeper log. If that is the case, is the incorrect grid being introduced by JTAlert?
Rich - K1HTV

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