locked Re: JTAlert - Worked B4 Working But Not Quite 100% #FT8

A. Mark Gillespie (VK3BU)

Hi Laurie,
1. I've only just returned to the hobby and I am still in the process of setting things up so the only logging that I'm doing is in WSJT-X and then up loading that .ADI file to QRZ.COM.
I followed the procedure in JTAlert for the initial once only import of the WSJT-X .ADI file into JTAlert. JTAlert seems to know about all my worked B4 contacts as I make them, they just aren't identified ONLY in the "Show QSO's History Popup". All my worked B4 stations have a grey background in WSJT-X and a grey box in JTAlert as I make them. The worked B4 identification is working perfectly to identify all stations as worked before, it's just the details of the previous conversations aren't included in the "Show QSO's History Popup".
2.With the setup described above, do I need to set up an additional log file somewhere?
3. I turned off Malwarebytes and Norton and it made no difference.
4. I can confirm that there are two 3D2USU entries in the WSJT-X .ADI log. The logging of new contacts into JTAlet seems to be working fine since the do get a grey background. This problem is happening with all my worked B4 contacts.
Thanks for your comments.
Cheers, Mark VK3BU

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