locked Re: Text in DX window

Dave Garber

rx window?  in wsjt?     what version jtalert and wsjtx ( or jtdx) are you using

Dave Garber

On Tue, Nov 16, 2021 at 9:15 AM Bob <bobl4655@...> wrote:


First let me say I love JT alert . That being said. I have problem in RX frequency window. I call cq all meters say I’m putting signal out. Even get response , now here is the dilemma my call isn’t showing in the window no text…???? If you need more info please contact me I have audio that signal is going out but no text in window I read and read and didn’t find any info, one said needed to allow dx activity ticked that box nuffin, I am at a loss  kb1yxn thanking you in advance

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