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On 28/10/2021 11:40 am, John via groups.io wrote:
I am new to JTAlert, but it works fine, except I can not click on the call sign and get WSJT_X to transmit the call sign.  I have to go to the WSJT screen and click on the call.
Did  |Help |UDP Setup, but I get nothing on the call screen, after the first one.
First time I tried the setup, click on the CQ on the Callsign and WSJT transmitted.

A photo of no call signs, WSJT_X revisions, JTAlert About.
 There is no WSJT-X UDP ID.

The attachment comes from  JTAlert About.
I changed back to, took out the checkmarks, and it works, except I still have to click on WSJT-X
Can anyone help.

John W8BBX

The About window not showing a UDP ID in the "Current Operating State" section indicates that JTAlert has never received a UDP message from WSJT-X. Unfortunately your image doesn't show all the status, so I am guessing that the "WSJT-X UDP MCast on LB" was showing false. While your WSJT-X UDP settings look fine, it is likely not having the JTAlert "Multicast on loopback" setting enabled is the cause of no UDP comms from WSJTX.

As for WSJTX not going into TX when a callsign is clicked or double-clicked (depending on how JTAlert is set) in JTAlert, that is controlled by WSJTX. JTAlert cannot direct WSJTX to go into transmit. If the DXCall is getting populated in WSJTX after a click event in JTAlert than JTAlert is behaving correctly in sending the appropriate instruction to WSJTX.

How do you have the JTAlert Callsigns window "Wsjtx reply" option set? Is it set to single or double click and is that how you're interacting with the callsigns? Perhaps you have it set to "Disabled"

de Laurie VK3AMA

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