locked Can not click on the call sign.

W8BBX John

I am new to JTAlert, but it works fine, except I can not click on the call sign and get WSJT_X to transmit the call sign.  I have to go to the WSJT screen and click on the call.
Did  |Help |UDP Setup, but I get nothing on the call screen, after the first one.
First time I tried the setup, click on the CQ on the Callsign and WSJT transmitted.

A photo of no call signs, WSJT_X revisions, JTAlert About.
 There is no WSJT-X UDP ID.

The attachment comes from  JTAlert About.
I changed back to, took out the checkmarks, and it works, except I still have to click on WSJT-X
Can anyone help.

John W8BBX

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