locked Re: "db" font small

Joe Subich, W4TV


Noticed the same thing here ... only it seems to be related to
the presence of Badges/Flags. When, particularly, both a badge
and a flag are present, the second line is rendered in a much
smaller type face than when the badges and flags are not. It
seems the presence of a badge *or* a flag reduces the size of
the second line by one step and the presence of *both* reduces
the second line by two steps.

In my opinion, the second line should take precedence over the
badges/flags. There will only be one badge at a time so it
does not need to extend below the first line and I am just
fine with the second line covering the eQSL and Online flags
(I don't show them anyway).


... Joe, W4TV

On 2021-10-26 8:41 AM, Ron W3RJW via groups.io wrote:
Laurie, This is a very small knit pick:  The font size of the "db" report is much smaller then the rest of the text in the 'Callsigns' decode display.
Does not seem to follow other text changes.
Ron, W3RJW

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