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Ed Ireland

Thanks Laurie.  You led me to the problem.  When I upgraded WSJT-X to v2.5.1 (at the same time I upgraded WSJT-X to v2.5.1), the “Logging” option “Prompt me to log QSO” became unchecked.  Sorry for blaming it on JTAlert!


Thanks for your great App!




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On 26/10/2021 1:55 am, Ed Ireland wrote:

I recently installed JTAlert 2.50.7 and it no longer logs to DXKeeper, a problem that I have not had through all the upgrades.  Under "Logging" and "DXLab DXKeeper, "Enable DXLab KXKeeper Logging" is checked.  What am I missing?  Should I revert back to version 2.50.6?

Thanks for your help.


Downgrading JTAlert is not likely to help. The DXKeeper logging code is unchanged.

Are you hitting the "OK" button of the WSJTX "Log QSO" window, if not that would be the reason for non-logging. JTAlert will not receive a logged QSO event from WSJTX if you're not completing the logging action in WSJTX.
JTAlert TCP logging instructions to DXKeeper may be getting blocked by your firewall.
Check that the DXKeeper Network Service is not running, check the "Default" tab of DXKeeper Configuration window.
If DXKeeper is showing "See DXKeeper Errorlog.txt" in its title bar, check that as it may contain the reason for the non-logging.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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