locked Re: Not alerting new DXCC when double message comes in


Hi Laurie

Neither 3DA0WW nor 3DA0RU was in F/H mode at any time. For some people it looks like they was. Both #DA Stations (and S9OK) are using MSHV Software. At non-standard FT8 QRG's MSHV can work in up to 5 channals at the same time just as wsjt-x. So on those QRG's it looks like F/H but it ain't. At standard FT8 QRG's MSHV can only work in one channal in the same time but can still send out SPmg (msg to two stations in same line) and that's what confusing people. S9OK was operating on Non-standard FT8 QRG's in Multichannal Mode and one could work them in either F/H or Standard FT8 Mode.

73 de Michael 5p1kzx

Den 21-10-2021 kl. 05:50 skrev HamApps Support (VK3AMA):

On 21/10/2021 1:52 am, Paul AC9O wrote:
3DA0WW alerts when the message is standard, but does not when it's combined as seen below.

Thanks and 73
Paul, AC9O
JTAlert currently does not handle the WSJTX multi-message format decodes for Fox/Hound mode. Any decode that appears to be of a non-standard type is discarded. Decodes containing one or more ";" characters fall into this category.

Interesting that your image shows lots of non-Fox/Hound decodes, was 3DA0WW operating in F/H mode in the common FT8 watering-holes? I thought WSJTX locked out F/H from theses common frequencies.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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