locked Re: Not alerting new DXCC when double message comes in


Hi Joe,

that's unlikely Joe, the decoded message is included, in full, in the Decode UDP messages.


On 20/10/2021 16:28, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote:

JT Alert has *never* highlighted on the "compound" (or Fox/Hound)
messages.  You can see that with "real" F/H operation on dedicated
frequencies.  JTAlert will highlight "standard" messages (messages
to one station) but not the compound (report to one station, RR73
to a second) messages.

Laurie, will need to explain what is different in the UDP traffic
from WSJTX that prevents that but I suspect it is due to some
missing data in the UDP specification.


   ... Joe, W4TV

On 2021-10-20 10:52 AM, Paul AC9O wrote:
I noticed this today. Running v2.5.0 or WSJT-X and V2.50.7 of JT Alert.

3DA0WW alerts when the message is standard, but does not when it's combined as seen below.

Thanks and 73
Paul, AC9O


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