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On 20/10/2021 12:02 pm, Tommy Evans wrote:
I can not get JTAlert and N1MM working at the same time.  Apparently N1MM does not support multicast UDP.   I have tried the JTAlert rebroadcast and N1MM rebroadcast and can not get either to work..  An other ideas or input ?  Thanks.

Tommy NE4J

I found an old post from the N1MM developer where they indicate that (at that time) they had no intention of coding multicast support. My internal response when I read that was "WTF, why?"

I understand old code-technology based applications, like those that use Visual Basic 6 not supporting multicast as the network code routines of VB6 cannot handle it. But, N!MM is written in a very modern language that can easily support multicast operations.

It takes a couple of lines of code to switch between unicast and multicast support. It is not rocket science. The net is littered with numerous code samples on how to support multicast UDP. Why the N1MM developer does not embrace this minor change/enhancement is unknown to me. I assume he has his reasons.

As for getting JTAlert and N1MM to operate concurrently, try this...
  1. first get JTAlert working with WSJTX
  2. turn off the"Secondary UDP Server" in WSJTX.
  3. enable the UDP resend option in JTAlert.
  4. change N1MM to listen to the JTAlert resend UDP traffic and not have it set to listen to WSJTX directly.

Note: The above has not been tested recently. This is how it worked in the past before N1MM had any support for working with WSJTX directly.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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