locked Re: JTAlert/WSJT-X Issues with AK and HI, plus B4 problem

Ronald Clanton

Okay... I finally got home and was able to do more testing.  The alert is for wanted "state".  I looked at the wanted state tab and it shows it as needed. So... the JTAlert application is working correctly, but it looks like I have a problem with the QRZ export or the JTAlert import.  Now that I know this, I can simply manually uncheck AK/HI in the wanted states tab.

I have JTAlert setup to track wanted states by band for any mode.  I don't track grids.  I also have it setup to require LOTW confirmation to consider it "confirmed" and I've verified that I have multiple LOTW confirmed contacts for that state in that band.

How do I test whether the QRZ export or the JTAlert import is the problem?



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