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On 17/10/2021 11:15 am, Ed Crosby - W7UJ wrote:
Here are my settings:

JTAlert Instance       : #1
JTAlert Start Params   : /wsjtx
WSJT-X Window Title    : WSJT-X   v2.1.2   by K1JT
WSJT-X Command Line    : "C:\WSJT\wsjtx\bin\wsjtx.exe" 
WSJT-X   --rig-name    : 
WSJT-X Config File     : C:\Users\w7uj\AppData\Local\WSJT-X\WSJT-X.ini
WSJT-X Version         : 
WSJT-X Revision        : 
WSJT-X Spec Op Mode    : None
WSJT-X UDP ID          : 
WSJT-X UDP Port        : 2237
WSJT-X UDP Server      :
WSJT-X UDP MCast on LB : True
WSJT-X UDP Max Schema  : 
UDP Ports used
JTAlert.exe           : 60922 50236
JTAlertV2.Manager.exe : 56044 56045 56046
JTAlertV2.Decodes.exe : 
Audio output devices
[1] Speakers (SoundMAX Integrated Digital High Definition Audio)
JTAlertV2.Manager ( status
(2021-10-17 00:10:11 utc)
CLR Version       : 5.0.6
NET Framework     : .NET 5.0.6
Architecture      : x64 64bit
UDP Router        : Initialized : YES (WSJT-X)
Audio             : Initialized : YES (1 output devices)
Activity Service  : Initialized : YES (started : 58)
Messaging Service : Initialized : YES (started : 17)
HamSpots Service  : Initialized : YES
QRZ Xml           : Initialized : YES 
HamQth Xml        : Initialized : YES 
QRZ Log           : Initialized : YES 
HamQth Log        : Initialized : YES 
ClubLog Log       : Initialized : YES 
Eqsl Log          : Initialized : YES 
HrdLog Log        : Initialized : YES 
DXLab DDE         : Initialized : YES
User Alert        : Initialized : YES
Updates Check     : Initialized : YES (started : 3600)
Environment Check : Initialized : YES (started : 3600)
Maintenance       : Initialized : YES (started : 3600)
It was working great for about a year and then nothing. 

Any ideas?

Very likely you have an application taking exclusive control of the UDP Server assigned port effectively locking JTAlert out.

Your data shows that you are running WSJTX with the UDP Server settings set for unicast. This only becomes a problem when there are multiple applications running concurrently trying to work with WSJTX. Multicast UDP needs to be used when there are multiple applications running concurrently trying to work with WSJTX. JTAlert can run concurrently with other apps and WSJTX when all apps are set to use multicast UDP. That is the purpose of using multicast UDP.

If a single application does not support multicast, then you will need to disable its WSJTX integration or stop using JTAlert.

The JTAlert help file provides simple setup instructions for using WSJTX UDP multicast. Use the "Help -> WSJT-X UDP Setup" menu on the main JTAlert window.

BTW, your version of WSJTX (2.1.2) is very old. While that will not be the cause of your issues, I strongly suggest an upgrade. The latest version is 2.5.0. There have been many enhancements, fixes and decoding performance improvements since 2.1.2 was released.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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