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On 17/10/2021 12:51 pm, WB5JJJ - George wrote:
As you can see, the screenshot from v2.50.6 is how I've had the Callsign window configured since 2.50 came out at 145%.  This is on a 3rd monitor about 5' from my chair and needs larger text to be easily seen.  I only show LoTW stations as those are the only ones I'm interested in calling, so my list is typically short.  As for some DXPeditions or DXCC stations that don't use LoTW, I'm on the watch for them by other means or "Wanted Call" notifications.  

But with 2.50.7, the initial screen shows the Callsign window really small at the same 145%, which I find impossible to read at the 5' distance.  

Finally, with the Callsign window like I need it for 5' away and it's now at 300%.  My monitors are set at 1280 x 1024, which is their max.  And if I go to the Colors setup menu and others, they extend way off the bottom of the monitor and don't scroll.  I have to resize everything to make any changes on some menu screens.  Is this normal?  Seems like the menu dialog boxes should remain a constant size.  

And I've also noticed that the Callsigns are updated at about half the speed of previous 2.50 releases.  In the meantime, I've rolled back to v2.50.6 as that's a format that works best for me.  
George - WB5JJJ

2.50.7 corrected a long-standing scaling defect that affected the Callsigns window. Prior to 2.50.7 the callsigns were being incorrectly scaled, the zoom level was being applied twice. From the release notes...

    - Callsigns Window: Zoom level of the callsign display was scaling at a
       greater rate than all other visual elements of the window.

You just need to readjust the zoom-level till you get the desired result. This will be a one-operation.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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