locked Re: Logging both TX and RX ? WSJT-X logs only a single frequency... #FT8

Michael Black

Split frequency does not change your TX frequency.  Remember that USB is suppressed carrier.  The only thing you are transmitting is the FT8 tones and they are always at the same frequency as the waterfall reflects (e.g. 14074000+1500 offset) regardless of the split frequency.

The split adjusts the base frequency so that the audio always appears 1500-2000Hz above the suppressed carrier.
So...if your offset is 1000-1499 split will adjust 14074000 to 14073500 and the 1000 offset becomes a relative 1500 offset...but still appears to all receivers at 1000 offset.  

This is not like split mode in CW at all.

Mike W9MDB

On Sunday, October 17, 2021, 05:36:03 AM CDT, andrew@... <andrew@...> wrote:

I've been wondering for a while why the WSJT-X log contains only a single frequency. This is interpreted by my logging programs (e.g., DXKeeper, etc...) as TX==RX and recorded accordingly. In general, my FT8 operation is split frequency, so all these log entries are technically wrong/inaccurate. Am I missing something? Is there a flag somewhere? I just spent a few hours searching the group and elsewhere but didn't uncover anything. Thanks for any insights,


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