locked Re: JTAlert/WSJT-X Issues with AK and HI, plus B4 problem

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On 9/10/2021 1:45 am, Ronald Clanton wrote:

I continue to see AK and HI as a wanted DXCC/State in the decode box (marked by yellow) despite having many confirmed log entries.  Is there a setting that I'm missing?

Also, I thought in the past that a contact was only marked "B4" when confirmed?  I have a situation where it indicated it as B4, but isn't a confirmed contact.  Additionally, in the decode box, it doesn't flag it as a wanted DXCC (only grey)... even though that unconfirmed contact is the only one for that DXCC entry.



H'mm, I don't know what happened to my last reply. I distinctly remember composing the email, but It never got posted to the group.

  • What log type are you using with JTAlert?

  • How are you maintaining your Wanted Entities, is it by manually applying changes or by running the automated "Rebuild Alert Database" operation? The rebuild operation is what you should be performing if running with a log enabled in JTAlert.
Keep in mind, that for AK & HI they have the distinction of being both a State and Country. Having say HI marked as no longer needed as a Country does not automatically mark HI as no longer needed as a State. If manually maintaining the needs lists you need to keep that in mind. Especially if your need requirements for States is different from you need requirements for Countries.

All Alerts types behave independently with respect to the needs tracking, by Band, Mode etc, so you could as example have Countries being tracked by Band only without regard to Mode, while at the same time have States tracked by both Band and Mode. The choice is yours and will impact how a State & Country is flagged as no longer needed. All of this is handled automatically by JTAlert when running the rebuild operation.

The State & Country alerts, by default have the same Yellow background coloring (yellow), with the text color being different to distinguish between the State & Country alerts. My guess is that your seeing a State Alert and misinterpreting as a Country Alert. You can tell which Alerts were triggered by examining the Callsign Tooltip of the alerted callsigns and observe which of the location details are highlighted.

An alternative to the Callsigns window and the Callsign tooltip to determine what alerts were triggered by a decode, you can use the Decodes window. It will display all the triggered Alert types for a Callsign within their own dedicated columns so you can quickly see what alerts were triggered.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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