locked Re: JTAlert not connecting to WSJT-X #FT8

Bob McLeod

Hi Laurie/Jim

Laurie - SpotCollector has not even been downloaded, so don't think that is the answer.  The only DXLab things downloaded are DXKeeper and DXCommander, but I don't think DXCommander is actually running - he is controlling the radio through WSJT-X. 

Ref Jim's suggestion about Power/Sleep - he has worked through these settings, but as Jim says there are many places to check and not sure if he has caught them all, but as far as we can tell it shouldn't go to sleep in the future.

There may be a chance to get his PC later today (he lives 100 miles away from me) and we can have a play with it - have more time than him as I am retired.

Thanks for the replies.
73 Bob VP8LP

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