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On 10/10/2021 4:43 am, Mike Wilson wrote:

I recently tried out the jtdx, but found that the stations I have worked before are showing up as not worked. Is this normal? I thought I read that both alert’s used the same database file?


73 de KE5WCT

Mike Wilson

There is zero difference within JTAlert when it comes to B4 reporting when operating in wsjtx or jtdx mode. The two modes, wsjtx and jtdx are needed because there are certain functions with respect to the wsjtx UDP protocol that jtdx does not follow or have altered. The JTAlert code is littered with jtdx specific checks to control operation to work around the jtdx changes/defects not present with wsjtx

B4 reporting within JTAlert is not affected by the wstx or jtdx operating mode selected.

My guess is that you're referring to the B4 reporting within JTDX compared to WSJTX. JTAlert does NOT control the B4 reporting in those applications, it is the applications that are doing the B4 reporting based on adif log maintained by the application and by default they will be different. Logging a QSO in WSJTX will update its adif log, but that is not carried over to the JTDX log. This why both apps are reporting different B4 conditions.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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