locked JTAlert not connecting to WSJT-X #FT8

Bob McLeod

A friend is setting up his FT8 programs on a new PC.  He has WSJT-X, JTAlert and DXKeeper.  It was all working fine on the old PC, and he thinks he has installed it in the same way on the new PC.  In fact it seemed to be working, but the PC went to sleep at some stage with the programs open, and now JTAlert doesn't connect to WSJT-X (there is no band information in the title bar). That could have been a coincidence, but nothing he has tried will make it connect now - including making sure the 3 tick boxes on the WSJT-X Reporting tab that deal with UDP are checked.  I hope to be able to log on to remote view his PC later today, and I will go through checking the installations and settings against those on my working copy, but has anyone come across this before, or have any suggestions? Thanks Bob VP8LP

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