locked Problem with multiple instances of WSJT-X (V2,5,0) and JTAlert (V2.50.6)

John P

After my 'C' drive crashed, my computer guy replaced it with an SSD and upgraded the Windows-7 machine to Windows-10.

I re-installed all the latest versions of everything. I run 2 instances of WSJT-X; one communicating with my FT-891 via DxLab Commander and the other directly with my IC-9700. Before the Windows "upgrade" two instances of JTAlert worked fine with the two instances of WSJT-X. Now, the first instance works fine with the FT-891, but the second instances (IC-9700) aren't communicating.

Here are screenshots of the two JTAlert instances and the WSJT-X reporting settings. 

Note - I'm an idiot when it comes to understanding how UDP works, but the settings are the same as I had under the Windows-7 setup (I think)!

What am I missing?


John P.

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