locked Decode Window 2.50.6 problem


Hi All my decode window is doing strange things and I cannot find a way to fix it?
First I click on view "clear display" and nothing happens, I click on refresh and nothing happens.
Every time JTDX decodes the callsign window populates but the decode window comes up with the same callsign that is not in JTDX or the callsign window?
I checked the  filter and it said it has no filters?
I have deleted the program and did a clean install with no luck.
How do you clean all the data out of it as it has 9,919 Recs (16.4MB) View 100.
In Settings I have ticked  Applications/WSJT-X/JTDX No-1 Auto clear JtAlert Callsigns.
When I click File/database/ Export/Delete decode records than export it comes up with a error "Database disk image is malformed"?

VK2AHE  Barry.

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