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On 27/09/2021 11:37 am, Bill W2PKY wrote:
Set up wanted states, as they are worked go into settings and uncheck the worked state. Click save and okay. Double check the state is unchecked. Take JTAlert exit.
Restart JTAlert and the state is back “checked”. Am I forgetting a step or is this a bug?
Bill W2PKY


You're working way too hard.

If you're happy for a State to be marked as no longer needed after working and logging a QSO without regard to QSL status, set the "Auto-Clear triggered Alert entity after logging" checkbox for the Wanted State alert. The State will be automatically removed from the Wanted list when a QSO is logged.

If you have a logger enabled with JTAlert and perform routine Alert Database rebuilds, manually applied unwanted States have a potential for having being 3eset to Wanted if the rebuild is set to require QSL confirmations. You will need to set the "No QSL Confirmation (Any Worked Station)" checkbox for the Wanted State area of the Rebuild section of the Settings.

As for the manually set State settings being reversed, that can happen if you're running the Alert Database Rebuild requiring QSL confirmations and JTAlert does not find any suitable QSOs in your log regardless on the manual settings you may have applied. All Wanted Entities are set based on the contents of your log.

You don't mention running the rebuild, so I am assuming you aren't. In which case, are you running more than one JTAlert instance? If so, than you will need to shutdown JTAlert instance #1 last, with instance #2, #3, etc shutdown before #1. this will ensure that any manual changes you made, which occur via the instance #1 settings, will not be lost.

The simplest and less error-prone solution is to just run the Alert Database Rebuild, assuming you have a logger enabled in JTAlert. Start instance #1 first, run the rebuild, then when complete startup the other instances and DON'T make manual changes to the Wanted entities.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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