locked Re: CQ Marathon alert has stopped clearing worked entities

Paula K7PAX

I think I may have found the problem, but just don't know how to unravel it. I am logging to HRD Logbook. I must be logging from WS-JTX as I do not have logging enabled in JT-Alert. I must have set up the Marathon alarm and done a database rebuild to get the entities that I had already worked. Then new entities were hard to come by so I didn't realize that they were  not updating for quite a while. I didn't realize what was going on until I just went in to do another rebuild and had to enable logging to do so. I left logging enabled, and when I tested by logging a new QSO, I got three entries in my log for the same QSO.One (line 2) that is a typical log entry with QRZ lookup info filled in, and two others, (lines 1 and 3) with only partial data. Screen shot enclosed. I vaguely remember having trouble getting the QRZ lookup and population of the entry when setting up logging. I don't believe I was successful using JT Alert to log everything I wanted. I think this explains why my alarms are not updating of course - I wasn't keeping logging enabled in JT-Alert. If you agree that this is my problem, I will need help configuring my logging function to run correctly from JT Alert.
Paula Johnson

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