locked Re: Callsigns RR73/73 Decodes

Jim Cooper

On 21 Sep 2021 at 19:33, Barry wrote:

Sorry first I am running 2.50.6 JTalert and 2.2.156 JTDX.
OK, I previously asked you what version of
JTalert were you running and you told me 2.2.156 ...

I am not at all familiar with JTDX so I can't answer
how JTalert responds to that.

My setup.

As you can see only CQ's are shown in Callsigns #1?
The JTDX decodes in your picture do not seem to
match the Callsigns displayed in JTalert, so I can't
make much correlation on that. Either there is some
feature(s) that don't work with JTDX [it has been
pointed out many times that the 'authors' who made
the modifications of JTDX have stripped many features
out of the original WSJT-X] or there is something lacking
in your BADGES setup ... Since I asked you clearly to send
me a picture of your BADGES setup page and you have not,
there's not much more I can say on that.

It seems I've extended my responses to the limit of
what I'm familiar with, so any further support will have
to come from Laurie himself.

Just an aside and suggestion:

In your Decodes 2.50.6 window, you might want to add
a column at the far left which shows the "Directed CQs"
at a glance ... it shows not only regions and directions, but
anything else the station puts in their CQ call ... such as
POTA, SOTA, IOTA etc. (and with the special alerts you
can alert on any one or more of those).

Jim w2jc

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