locked Re: Callsigns RR73/73 Decodes

Bill Barrett

Hello Barry-

Are you using the latest JTAlert? The callsigns window "Green Circles" spots with 73.

Hope this helps.

Bill W2PKY

On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 6:47 PM Barry <barry@...> wrote:
Hi Mike,
I have already setup that window up and it does not put RR73 or 73 in unless they have just made a contact with you.
What I am looking for is all RR73 that are decoded on that time slot.
I find it is a easy way to see who I can call next if there is no one calling CQ?

I would like more selections, likeĀ  All RR73 decodes, All 73 decodes and ALL RR73/73 decodes.

VK2AHE Barry

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