locked Rebuild Alert Database

Don Kerouac K9NR

I'm a little fuzzy about the function of the "Rebuild Alert Database" function.

I had to replace my computer drive and re-install WSJT-X DXLab, JTAlert, etc.
Fortunately, I was able to access the failing drive and retrieve nearly all data, etc.

I placed the old log files in the now new (and empty) WSJT-X program.  I then
performed a "Rebuild Alert Database"  in JTAlert. 
However, I am getting alerts for DXCC
entities that I do not need.  Also, all the "Wanted DXCC, Wanted CQ Zones, etc.
in JTAlert are still in the fresh install empty mode.

Any wisdom or advice would be greatly appreciated.

73, Don K9NR
Did I do this wrong or is it necessary to manually updates all these alert filters?

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